A Liberal Version of the Ten Commandments

Characterizing modern liberalism as secular religion is commonplace today, although such a comparison amounts to a gross insult to Christianity, which has been the most frequent target of liberal assaults against religion, while Islam and other faiths have either been given a pass or even praised for their supposed virtues.  Certainly equating liberalism with other profane systems of belief, such as Nazism, Fascism, and Marxism makes left-wing heads explode.  On the other hand, at least these movements had codified their principles into convenient creeds or confessions; after all, you need something to set your thoughts on fire during book burnings, mob pillaging, frenzied adulations of the Great Leader, or the sort of ritualistic condemnations of Israel found at Democratic conventions. So while Mussolini had his fascist ten commandments, Hitler had “Ein Reich, EinVölk, Ein Führer!” (along with the Nazi handbook), and Marxists had “Workers of...(Read Full Article)