Time for Us Pharisees to Sober Up

Okay, here are a few sentences I will not countenance in the election year of 2016: - The Republicans have no chance of beating Hillary Clinton. - Because Paul Ryan did or did not do X, I am leaving the Republican Party. - If Republican candidate X is nominated, I will not vote. - Or worse: If Republican candidate X is nominated, I will vote for Hillary Clinton. As much I admire the rectitude of my fellow conservatives -- neo, paleo, and all shades in between -- the year 2016 is no time to praise our own purity or scruple about the failings of our fellows. We are all impure. We all fall short. No one was Ronald Reagan except Ronald Reagan. Today, to declare oneself a Republican of any sort is a countercultural act. In many fields -- the arts, the media, higher ed -- such a declaration can kill a career. This is especially true in states, cities and even corporations hostile to traditional America. That said, we cut little slack even to the embattled. People I...(Read Full Article)