The Real Scandal(s) Behind the Muslim MU Hair-Dragger

On Wednesday, November 25, Youssif Z. Omar made international news. According to Columbia, Missouri, police, the 53-year-old Omar stopped by the local public high school, spotted a 14-year-old relative not wearing a hijab, grabbed the girl “very violently by the hair,” and pulled her down a flight of stairs. Once outside, Omar slapped the girl in the face and pulled her by the hair into his car. The police arrested him on suspicion of child abuse. Omar posted a $4,500 bond and was released. Omar has been affiliated with the notoriously confused University of Missouri. Late Sunday night, November 29, university officials tweeted a correction to a story earlier that day by the New York Daily News, “Mr. Omar is not employed at Mizzou. He was formerly a graduate student with an assistantship. Job ended in July.” One element of the scandal is how the University of Missouri came to employ Omar and how it came to award him, so it appears, a Ph.D. More on this in a...(Read Full Article)