The Polemics of Donald Trump

What Donald Trump is saying is both: true and/or a real-world response to extreme conditions and at the same time is; scandalous. How can this be? What is missing here? Liberal pieties. What Trump is traducing is not the truth, but liberal pieties. But that means that liberal pieties, the “truths” of liberalism, are not literally true! They are untruths. Why is this? Because liberalism is not built on the world the way that it is, but the way liberals think it should be. This is why all their programs fail, and all their “facts” are wrong, and this is why liberals go around looking as if they have just bitten down on a lemon. They are constantly being insulted by, being surprised by, being taken aback by…reality. They build papier-mâché worlds, but the truth keeps crashing through their walls. In order to maintain their inflated self-regard, something other than themselves must be to blame. Who? The...(Read Full Article)