The Liberal Christmas from Hell

In our conservative world we mildly judge President Obama the Worst President Ever. But the administration scribes over at Vox think differently. President Obama takes the long view, writes Andrew Prokop. Criminal justice reform? Think in decades. ISIS?  “[I]n his view, he's already pursuing the correct policies to fight ISIS and terrorism as a whole… and turn the ocean liner a few degrees.” But between the lines you can tell that the Vox writer is thinking: Oh no, it can’t be true that it has come to this. It’s the liberal Christmas from Hell. At this point we will say nothing about the need for bathroom protocols at Democratic Presidential Debates, because Drudge is on it, and what difference does it make? Since liberals have been trying to make Christmas a hell for years, jolly old St. Ted of Cruz has come out with a parody Christmas infomercial to make sure that Christmas 2015 is not the last Christmas hell for Democrats. With his...(Read Full Article)