The EU Should Act against Anti-Semitism

The old proverb is still compelling: if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.  It has clearly penetrated the halls of the European Union. On December 16-17, 2015 the 9th EU- Israel Seminar on Combatting Racism, Xenophobia and Anti-Semitism took place in Brussels.  Some 30 representatives from the EU, Israel, and the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) discussed combating anti-Semitism, in particular through tackling hate speech online by exchanging experience in the field of technology and finding common solutions for what it called "a very worrying phenomenon." Everyone will appreciate that the EU Commission supports the fight against racism, prejudice, and intolerance, and that legislation against these should be enforced.  That support has been pronounced more frequently since the terrorist attacks on the Jewish community in Toulouse on March 11, 2012; the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels on May 24, 2014; the massacre in the kosher...(Read Full Article)