Outing Villains and other Undesirables in France and Britain

The millstones of justice do grind exceedingly slow but grind exceedingly fine. News of the grinding was especially welcome with the announcement on December 27, 2015 that the French government will release the records of 200,000 persons who were thought to be associated with the Vichy regime, the wartime French State led by Marshall Philippe Petain during World War II, and who were responsible for the deportation of 76,000 Jews to their death in the Nazi death camps.   The names of those who took part in some way in the deportations, and for the persecution and discrimination of Jews during the dark years in French history, the years of the so-called "French State", from June 1940 until August 1942, located in Vichy, the town of undrinkable water, will be made known. Its history is unique because the French State was the only country legally outside of Nazi German controlled territory to be involved in the Holocaust   The grinding was slow since the files of...(Read Full Article)