Islamism and Facebook's Existential Crisis

Although I am not going to give formal engineering or quality management consulting advice in an opinion column, I do remember a seminar on ISO 9001:2015's new provision for "Actions to address risks and opportunities" that warned how social networking can demolish a business' reputation in days or even hours. I saw this in action when a department store, which I will not name because it was falsely accused in a news article (a credible source as opposed to "somebody's blog") of removing Israeli goods from its shelves. The store's Facebook page was instantly flooded with negative posts and negative ratings, but the news source later retracted the accusation. On the other hand, when the American Anthropological Association approved a vote on an academic boycott of Israel, its own rating declined rapidly and deservedly from close to 5 stars (A or A+) to about 2.5 (D+ to C-). Even if its members have the good sense to reject a resolution that might...(Read Full Article)