ISIS and Obama

“We are not at war with Islam.” – Barack Hussein Obama We could begin with: “ISIS comes to America.”  But that would suggest that the latest mutant strain of Muslim terror is somehow new or unique.  The sad truth is, alas, that contemporary imperial Islam, a kind of cultural sewage, has been flowing just beneath the veneer of civilization for decades now.  You might think of the San Bernardino massacre as merely another one of those urban pipes that bursts from time to time and becomes a public nuisance.  Blood and gore in the name of religion is now routine by repetition.  Those who work inside the Beltway rationalize lethal religious mayhem as workplace violence, “junior varsity” pranks, or better still, an opportunity cost of gun sales.  Gun control is to terrorism now as public schools are to education.  Nonetheless, taxpaying hermaphrodites and voting masochists can rest easy.  The Islamic...(Read Full Article)