Here's the Rundown on Last Night's Republican Debate

See also: GOP December 2015 Debate: Another View Man, I'm slap worn out.  I realize that after the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, national security and foreign policy were the appropriate themes of this debate, but almost three hours of it made for root canal and repetitive TV.  Normally in the so-called "foreign policy" debates, there is still a good bit of discussion about what always ultimately decides these elections – the economy – but not last night. It was all foreign policy all the time, and that played to the advantage of Donald Trump for a couple of reasons.  One is that nothing in the race changed as a result, which is good when you are leading.  It was almost an event without a storyline. If there was a main storyline, other than its endless nature, it was perhaps that Trump reinforced his pledge not to run outside the Republican Party.  This was very disappointing to CNN. Another storyline is that Wolf...(Read Full Article)