Edmund Burke Meets Donald Trump

Conservative intellectuals like George Will and Charles Krauthammer are always telling us to read Edmund Burke, the founder of Anglo-American conservatism.  Burke (1729-1797) was an Irishman who became a leading member of Parliament in London, forging a political course that condemned the murderous French Revolution and wholeheartedly supported the American Revolution.  Burke was a brave and principled man, who had genuine faith in the basic  intuitions of everyday people.  The value of moral intuition is the key to Burke, and if Burke is the key to conservatism, as George Will keeps telling us, that makes moral intuitions important to understand.  An intuition is a powerful conviction that most of us feel without even thinking about it, even if we can't justify it in words.  We see examples all around.  You can't read this sentence if you don't trust your intuitive understanding of it – nobody reads English with a...(Read Full Article)