Dhimmitude and Trump

Although this journalist has not been a fan of Donald Trump, the man’s latest idea of barring the entry of Muslims into America hit a bull’s eye.  The hysterical reaction by Americans of many stripes is evidence of that, but also of a terrifying reality: the growing triumph of dhimmitude in the United States. This word was invented by scholar Bat Ye’or, a European Jew born and raised in Egypt who now lives in Switzerland and is an expert on Islam’s history of governing non-Muslims, Jews and Christians in particular. The Arabic word dhimma means “protected” and refers to the status of a non-Muslim community living under Muslim rule. Muslims commonly brag that they have been good to the minorities whom they “protected,” but never mentioned is why they needed protection and from whom.  The answer is from ordinary Muslims with no inhibitions about abusing ­the dhimmi, the ‘‘protected” people, such as...(Read Full Article)