The Left Eats Its Own at MU

A little background on how I ended up living in Missouri and writing about the ongoing spectacle of liberal self-destruction at the University of Missouri. In my final year of my Ph.D. program at Purdue in the mid-1970s, I attended a Modern Language Association convention at a hotel in New York City.  It was here that most of the hiring was done.  Unable to afford the hotel, I stayed with my widowed mother in our apartment in a Newark public housing project.  On the morning in question, I got up, checked my white privilege, and took the PATH into New York. At the hotel, I found myself in an elevator with two other graduate students, a black male and a white female.  They were happily discussing their interview schedules: she had eight lined up; he had fourteen.  I and the other males in my Purdue department had collectively zero.  At that moment, I realized that despite my Big Ten Ph.D., my straight A record, and my writing skills, I had no future...(Read Full Article)