The Burden of Proof on Climate Change

The burden of proof for Anthropogenic Climate Change falls on alarmists. Climate Change (CC) has been ongoing for millions of years – long before humans existed on this planet. Obviously, the causes were all of natural origin, and not anthropogenic. There is no reason to believe that these natural causes have suddenly stopped; for example, volcanic eruptions, various types of solar influences, and (internal) atmosphere-ocean oscillations all continue today.  (Note that these natural factors cannot be modeled precisely.) Let’s call this the “Null Hypothesis.”  Logically therefore, the burden of proof is on alarmists to demonstrate that the Null Hypothesis is not adequate to account for empirical climate data; alarmists must provide convincing observational evidence for Anthropogenic CC (ACC)  – by detailed comparison of empirical data with GH models. I am not aware of such proofs, only of anecdotal info – although I admit...(Read Full Article)