PseudoScience vs Religion -- Why Religious Kids aren't Less Altruistic

Recently atheists have been touting a bit of pseudoscience that claims to show that the children of atheists are more altruistic than the children of people of faith. Sadly, since science is becoming a propaganda machine for liberal causes, we can no longer simply trust scientific research on controversial subjects. The pseudoscientific “Nuclear Winter” theory, since discredited, was supported by scientists who objected to Reagan trying to defend the U.S. against a Soviet nuclear attack. More recently the whole “global warming”…er “climate change” fiasco has been nothing more than a way to put a shine on the snake oil of socialism and rule by the “more intelligent” rather than the people. The first major problem is that the study says nothing about atheists. The study compares people who say they aren’t religious with people who say they are. However, it turns out that when Pew surveyed Americans on their...(Read Full Article)