Policing Culture at the University of Washington

There's a new wave of hardcore political correctness sweeping college campuses. It’s called cultural appropriation. As explained by a University of Washington student, it’s when “you take something from a culture that isn't yours and basically use it for your own purposes. A lot of times this involves a majority culture taking bits and pieces of a minority culture in a way that trivializes it, in a way that misrepresents it and pulls it out of context, or in a way that stereotypes other people.” If this leaves you scratching your head, don’t worry. There’s a whole group of UW students who, having crowned themselves with a certain level of elitism, have put together a video instructing the rest of us Cro-Magnon types on how to avoid cultural appropriation. As one might expect, they make fools of themselves in the process. Nevertheless, as you watch the video, you can almost imagine yourself in a museum walking from one “cultural...(Read Full Article)