Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is Bad for All Americans

Much of the left has always hated men like Ben Carson, and now that he has the lead (as of this writing) in the Real Clear Politics polling average for the Republican presidential nomination, their desire to tear him down has intensified.  With a recent column in Time magazine entitled "Ben Carson is Terrible for Black Americans," NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar decided to weigh in. Sounding like a bad Elaine Benes date, Abdul-Jabbar begins his piece by asking and answering his own question – twice.  He concludes that a Carson presidency would "be an unmitigated disaster."  I suppose that with record numbers of Americans on welfare, record numbers of Americans not working, accumulating more federal debt than every other U.S. president combined, a perverse redefinition of marriage, granting a "God bless you" to killers of children in the womb, promoting a culture of lawlessness, inspiring hostility toward U.S. law enforcement,...(Read Full Article)