It's Time to Remove the (!) from Jeb!

Jeb could soon become a burning Bush, flamed-out by poor judgment, inept campaigning, and an unusual display of mean-spiritedness. His self-serving attack on protégé Marco Rubio in the last debate might well be the straw that breaks the back -- if not the bank -- of the Bush candidacy. Naturally, the Bush camp is denying all pessimistic prognosticating. And there are plenty of talking heads who still stick to the scenario that Bush could win the GOP nomination. Their reluctance to write Jeb off is based to some extent on the assumption that it is still too “early” in the primary season to determine winners or losers. A second premise is that the massive war chest of the Bush campaign, while dwindling, is still impressive enough to keep him in the race  Keep him in the race? Well, sure.  Elevate him to the status of front-runner?  No way. But to hear longtime Bush family friend and advisor Karl Rove tell it, Jeb is...(Read Full Article)