Interfaith Dialogue: Increasing Understanding or Compromising Faith?

There is one tenet of the Christian faith that is foundational: Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  He is God, just as the Holy Spirit is God.  This concept of a triune being is commonly known among Christians as the Trinity.  Deny the divinity of Jesus, and you simply aren't a Christian. The divinity of Jesus is the linchpin of the faith.  If Jesus were merely a man, then His sacrifice on the Cross is simply another in a long list of Roman crucifixions rather than a propitiation for the sins of all humanity, past and future. Consequently, it is this tenet of Christianity that is routinely assaulted by non-believers, some followers of other religions, and, dare I say, Satan himself.  Strip Christ of His divinity, and you turn the world's largest religion into something like a fraternal order, a cross between the Elks and Kiwanis. It should come as no surprise, then, that among Islamic apologists, the divinity of Christ is a heresy offensive to...(Read Full Article)