GMO Crops and 'Organic' Crops

Organic activists would like you to believe their brand preexists in nature the way fresh air and clean water do. It does not. Organic food only exists because we have come up with a legal framework by which to define it; a mind-numbing legal framework... just ask any organic farmer who's behind on his paperwork. If we were to decide tomorrow that certain GMOs would be acceptable as organic, as President Clinton suggested, we could rewrite the law. Or we can leave things the way they are, embroiled in controversy. It's up to humans to define what "organic" means, either way. Then there's the notion that GMOs "contaminate" organic crops, as if we're talking about dumping effluents into a pristine stream full of brook trout. We're not. We're talking about politics, plain and simple. GMOs are completely safe. So if politicians should ever decide to agree that GMOs actually “contaminate” organic crops, it will be a...(Read Full Article)