From Marxism/Communism to Post-Modern Liberal Fascism

The USSR died an ugly death in the 1990s. Yet, such an ugly political collapse proved to be very opportunistic for many communist leaders throughout the Soviet Union who hated the Marxist ideology that actually placed some restrictions on their behavior. Many of them privatized state companies to themselves and thus became the biggest mafia the world has ever seen. Putin, as a former KGB spymaster, is now in relative control of this mafia in spite of all the clans competing with one another from the Ukrainian Crimea to the Russian Far East. As has been recently demonstrated on a grand scale in Ukraine, Russia is a strong geopolitical player in world events today, but it’s very real threat is not Bolshevik in nature. While President Reagan’s anti-Communist drive is now in the process of being reversed in Eastern Europe, the Russians are not coming back with more Marxism, but with a dark and shadowy mafia lawlessness that is being hidden under Russian Orthodox...(Read Full Article)