Fools Rush In (When will They Ever Learn?)

Once again the corporate media tars a conservative candidate and those who should know better rush in without waiting at least 24 hours for the half-truths and lies to unravel. This week the target was Dr. Ben Carson and the reason and charge were patent: He’s a Black Republican so obviously honest and sincere the media wolves tried to knock him out of contention by claiming he lied. This time I’ll spare those pundits who fell for it. If you are a naïve dummy, someone ought to point that out publicly. Fair warning -- next time I won’t hold back. You can’t attack the media as dishonest most days and then uncritically accept -- even for a few hours -- their “bombshells”. Keep your skeptic’s hat on for heaven’s sake. On the one hand there’s what I call “the white toga” conservatives who flee their colleague’s side as soon as the wolves approach to prove their own spotless moral perfection. On the other hand...(Read Full Article)