Donald Trump's Deportation Gambit

Donald Trump has no more idea how he's going to deport twelve million people than John Kennedy knew how he was going to put a manned spacecraft on the moon. But then, Kennedy was a visionary and Trump is an imbecile, right? Also, Kennedy had his eye on elevating humanity, while Trump is trying to put the kibosh on cheap landscapers. But still... what's he up to? Here's what: He's controlling the architecture of the argument. That's the way high-level business guys get what they want.  He's good at it; he does it reflexively, and it's a technique he uses over and over.  None of this has anything to do with compassion, or the lack of it; fairness, or the lack of it; practicality, or the lack of it. It has only to do with leverage, with controlling the argument and eventually winning it, whatever that looks like. How then, does he do that? How does he, “control the architecture of the argument”? Simple.  He does it...(Read Full Article)