American Jews' New Obsession: Transgender Rights

On my way back from David Horowitz's Restoration Weekend in Charleston, I opened up the Post and Courier newspaper to Section D, entitled "Faith & Values."  What struck me was an article on the second page reporting that the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) had adopted a resolution supporting transgender rights.  The resolution calls for congregations and camps to have gender-neutral bathrooms, use gender-neutral language, and train religious school staff on gender issues. I have no idea what any of this gender identity noise really means, but I have concluded that this whole movement (together with the delegitimization of Israel, the legalization of marijuana, demonizing those who are offended by Planned Parenthood's fetal tissue trade, push for single-payer health care, and prosecution of those who question the scientific basis of man-caused global warming) is just one giant progressive wave to further supplant Judeo-Christian values and alter the...(Read Full Article)