A Plague of Unruly Children

On Halloween in National Review, the estimable David French opined that the Spring Valley High School video of a deputy dragging a child out of a chair wasn’t “disturbing,” I beg to differ; it’s very disturbing, but not for the reasons he listed. As Mr. French noted, the “child” was told by the teacher to leave the class, then by an administrator, and finally by Deputy Ben Fields.  She refused each time.  The initial video showed only a teenager being pulled back and forth and assaulted by a man twice her size.  Based on this limited knowledge, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott terminated Deputy Fields less than 48 hours later.  It is disturbing that a senior law enforcement executive fired a man when the situation was not fully known at the time.  However, what I saw in the video is greatly disturbing but a multiple levels.  To borrow the phrase from our president’s favorite pastor, “America’s...(Read Full Article)