Who Is Greener?

We are seeing an interesting phenomenon in Europe and in the U.S.  "Green" candidates and officeholders are vying to outdo one another in boasting of their environmental credentials.  In debates here and abroad, it's not uncommon to hear those office seekers asking voters to give them ever more power because, they claim, the "planet" is in dire need of their help. Some of our European friends, especially those from the formerly Captive Nations held down for half a century by the power of the USSR, jokingly call the new Greens "watermelons."  Why so?  They may be green on the outside, our newly freed friends say, but they are red (Communist) on the inside. Whether it's Al Gore proclaiming that the sky is falling or President Obama promising that the oceans will cease to rise if he is elected, left-wing politicos see no contradiction between granting vast new powers to functionally what often are...(Read Full Article)