Trump: Just Another Grifter

Dennis Miller perfectly described Barack Obama as a "debonair grifter." Donald Trump is just a grifter without the charm. Given the performance of these two men, it is difficult to understand the emotional (yes, emotional) attachment of their followers. A minority of us doubted Obama's promises for many good reasons. For example, there were Obama’s own words in two autobiographies. There were Obama’s associations with, among others, Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers. (One has to admire former mayor Richard Daley's earnest defense of Obama: "You have to understand, in Chicago Ayers is mainstream.") Those of us who doubted weren't surprised we couldn’t keep our doctors, that "smart diplomacy" created the flawed Iran Deal, and that race relations became worse, not better. But a majority of voters were swept along by “hope and change.” Sadly some have learned nothing over the last seven years and are as gullible...(Read Full Article)