Too Many Black People in Prison -- And Other Fairy Tales

The great and powerful Leo Strine figured it all out: Too many black people are spending too much time in prison. Strine should know: He is Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court.  Strine is heading a commission of black history professors, public defenders, diversity officers, ACLU staffers and others to set this right. Their mission: Figure out why cops keep arresting, prosecutors keep prosecuting, juries keep convicting, and judges keep sending so many black people to prison for No Reason What So Ever. And why black people keep returning to prison once they are let out. Not just in Delaware but around the country. The biggest newspaper in Delaware went all in to help solve this mystery. “Strine said the goal is to find common sense solutions to address the racial disproportions that clearly exist in the system. About 22 percent of the state's residents are black, but nearly 6 in 10 inmates in Delaware's prisons are black,...(Read Full Article)