Time to Fight Back in the Holy War of Islamism

"Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah," proclaims the terrorist group Hamas on its Al-Aqsa TV station. Bosnian Muslim soccer fans joined a pro-Palestinian demonstration whose chants included "Kill the Jews." Here is a video in which a Palestinian imam brandishes a knife and exhorts his followers to stab Jews, and here is another in which an Islamist in Fort Lauderdale calls for Jews to go back to the ovens. The treatment of Christians in Islamist-dominated nations is meanwhile well known. ISIS is painting the Arabic letter nun, for Nazarene, on Christian homes the way Nazis once put yellow Stars of David on Jewish-owned homes and businesses. Islamists throughout the Middle East and Central Asia are beheading and crucifying the Christians they don't use as slaves. Islamists in London meanwhile praised Osama bin Laden and said they would take European women as war booty. Europe is inexplicably importing even more Muslims who proclaim openly...(Read Full Article)