The Selfish' 'Charity' of Liberals

Liberals often attack conservatives for not being charitable and caring. But studies show that conservatives give more of their own money to charities and that people who go to church give more than people who don’t. By the traditional definition, it’s liberals who are lacking in charity. The disconnect can be explained by this quote from a liberal on FaceBook: There is precious little difference between me giving charity directly, and the government taxing me a little more and using that. Apparently liberals don’t realize that increasing tax rates impact everyone, not just them. The reality is that Congress does not just tax this or that liberal but everyone, and hence the fundamental difference between the two cases is that in one case a person is being charitable by voluntarily giving what is theirs to the poor and in the other case the person is forcing other people to give what is theirs. Liberal “reasoning” seems to be that raising...(Read Full Article)