The 'Income Inequality' Scam

Those peddling “income inequality” use a dishonest term, have provided the economic changes they decry and propose an increase in the cause as a cure. This proclaims their compassion. The term ‘income inequality’ is preposterous; one may as well bewail inequality of respect. Income and respect are both earned and tend to differ among us. How much that we receive of either responds mostly to our efforts as judged in the eyes of others. ‘Income inequality’ mavens are proclaiming that they, not the market, should decide incomes. Parsing that, one finds the desire to replace economics with politics. Historically, the wealth of Western civilization appears to rest upon doing the opposite. Using “income inequality” in the present fashion seems economic subversion. Many see the ongoing decline of middle class earnings -- that demographic is dissolving back into its original proletariat. The ‘inequality’ agents avoid that...(Read Full Article)