The House Benghazi Hearings: A Different Perspective

If the House Committee Hearings on Benghazi proved nothing else, they clearly pointed up just how politically polarized our country is -- polarized to the point that the truth of the matter under investigation is the last thing that at least one side is interested in. The Democrats' only function during these hearings was to provide support for their beleaguered presidential candidate -- a shameless liar. When they weren’t throwing her softballs, they were trying to make the case for her innocence in this matter. And when they weren’t grandstanding on her behalf, they were doing everything in their power to undermine the credibility (and, as a consequence, the integrity) of their Committee. How? By clearly stating, that, in their opinion, this Committee’s sole effort was to lynch poor, innocent Hillary; that everything that they had uncovered (or yet might uncover) had already been made clear to the public by the various other investigations that had been...(Read Full Article)