The GOP Establishment's War with its Base

In discussing the House speakership mess on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Karl Rove enthusiastically pointed out that the 40-member Freedom Caucus represents a mere fraction of the House, with only 1 out of 6 House Republicans as members.  The implication is that the Caucus represents a paltry 17% of conservatives in the nation, which doesn’t justify the hullabaloo. But this ignores the fact that the vast majority of conservatives in the GOP base -- who identify with the Freedom Caucus -- supported and voted for the majority of House Republicans.  Just because a House Republican is not a member of the Freedom Caucus, does not mean the people who elected him do not support the Caucus.  Indeed, base voters in the last three congressional elections expected candidates to return to conservative governance guided by conservative principles.  That that hasn’t panned out is an understatement.  The sentiment expressed by the “we know...(Read Full Article)