No Whites Allowed

When it was written in 1986, a children's book entitled Living in Two Worlds attempted to highlight the various attitudes that reflect what biracial children might encounter growing up.  Pictures of biracial children abound in the book.  In fact, there was an honest attempt to portray the intricacies of being born to parents of different religious, cultural, and racial backgrounds. ...until we get to page 27, where the reader learns: Toah thought that the teacher in her ballet class, where all the other students were white, went out of her way to be nice to her. 'I guess she meant well, but she made me feel I was different.' Even though Toah's white heritage is important to her, she feels she fits in better with kids whose coloring is more like her own.  'I'm happiest when I don't stand out – like in school,' she says. 'I'm friendly with everyone, but my best friends are brown, like me.' Herein lies the...(Read Full Article)