Humanitarianism in Action in Israel

Since October 3, 2015 dozens of Palestinian terror attacks against Israeli citizens have occurred, killing seven people and injuring more than 100. More deaths would have occurred if it had not been for the speedy action of the Israeli United Hatzalah (rescue), volunteer emergency medical service, reacting immediately to all emergencies within minutes of a call for help. With more than 2,300 volunteers, medically trained technicians from all walks of life, UH responds to over 650 emergencies a day, and has treated over 200,000 people a year. UH provides medical and communications equipment as necessary. Its quick response is often the difference between life and death, especially regarding the victims of Palestinian terror attacks as well as the usual traffic accidents. One of the UH innovations is a life compass system which integrates tracking technology with dispatch software, thus providing accurate information of the problem and what is medically needed. For...(Read Full Article)