Halloween Then and Now

When I was young, our Halloweens would begin when our group of pals would stop at the home of an old widow in our neighborhood.  She fortified us with hot chocolate and cookies before we began our trick-or-treating.  We were warmed by her kindness, and she was rewarded by the simple joy of being a surrogate grandmother to us. All the kids, in our group or whom we would pass on the way from one doorbell to another, knew each other, even behind our homemade costumes, and all the grownups in the homes we visited knew us all as well, too.  Although many homes gave us name-brand candy bars or other store-bought treats, many also gave us popcorn balls and candied apples and homemade fudge and other goodies that came out of kitchens in our neighborhood.  Good folks made tried and true treats, often a "tradition" of the house, for the kids who played with their kids.  That was part of the fun.  That was part of the connection in our lives with...(Read Full Article)