Game Plan for Taking Back Our Kids

Old 1960s U.S. Army buddy, acclaimed life coach, and author Steve Chandler sent me a copy of his latest book, Crazy Good.  In his book, Steve points out that embracing a victim mindset has extremely negative consequences.  It is not empowering, and it actually weakens you. The validity of Steve's statement is well-documented.  This is a truth the left do not permit us to say.  If Steve were to state this truth on stage speaking to a black audience, liberals would call him a white racist and me an Uncle Tom for standing up and applauding in agreement with him.  How dare this white dude advise blacks to abandon their victim mindsets?  Off with his head! Folks, not only have the left banned speaking the truth in our country, but they are striving to make it illegal.  Yes, they want to throw your derrière in jail for disagreeing with their anti-God and anti-American agenda.  Nothing sticks in my craw more than allowing leftist...(Read Full Article)