Faking Race on the Left

Sigmund Freud must be wishing he were alive in this day and age in order to get a crack at the ever-expanding list of new mental disorders being created by liberals in America. Not only is the new trend of creating phobias exclusive liberal territory, (when’s the last time you heard a conservative come up with a “phobia” – such as homophobia, trans-phobia, Islamophobia – and use it to advance a cause or agenda), so is the trend of faking one’s ethnic heritage. Last week’s removal of yet another pretend minority by New Hampshire’s Dartmouth College shines light on a phenomena of behavior exhibited almost exclusively by the political left in America -- instances of Caucasians pretending to be ethnic minorities. Its odd behavior to say the least, and behavior that is rarely if ever exhibited by anyone but liberals. Last month Dartmouth, an Ivy League and therefore almost by definition an uber-liberal school, named Susan Taffe Reed...(Read Full Article)