Donald Trump Can't Hold a Wheelie Forever

Donald Trump grabbed many of us with his immigration hole-shot.   His all-purpose chlorine bleach burn-outs wiping out political correctness  have been equally spectacular – not just for the strutting, but for calling out to the NHRA  grandstand-crowd, the erstwhile silent disenfranchised majority . All Donald had to do was keep his front end under control.  Wheelies can be entertaining, but they usually lead to the wrong end of a bill of sale. But no: Trump couldn't resist cracking open the nitrous bottle when he should have pinched the valve and locked it away in the trunk.  Soon enough, our quarter-mile rooster will need a tow back to the trailer apron. First he dissed God.  Now he's dissed non-conformist Christians.  In the meantime, he dissed property rights, the handmaiden to religious liberty.  C'mon, Donald – what's wrong with you, man? Donald Trump said he doesn't ask God for forgiveness...(Read Full Article)