Clackamas -- the Oregon Massacre a Gun Stopped

President Obama’s politicization of the massacre in the gun-free zone that was Umpqua Community College in  Rosburg, Oregon shows how selective he is about which shootings he comments on to advance his gun control agenda and ignores the fact that in another Oregon town, Clackamas, an armed citizen cut short a similar mass killing. In Obama’s Chicago, arguably the most gun-controlled city in America, if not the world, the carnage at Umpua Community College is considered an average weekend. A few days earlier, Lolita Wells of Chicago, mother of six and grandmother of six, was gunned down, along with her pregnant daughter Patricia Chew. Wells’ baby grandson was also wounded but survived. About this President Obama said nothing.   Those searching for motives for the Umpqua killings in which the shooter asked his victims if they were Christians should ponder this connection between one of the Americans who prevented a massacre recently aboard a...(Read Full Article)