Bernie Sanders's Politics

Self-identified "Socialists" like Bernie Sanders are a dime a dozen in modern history, which makes Sanders hard to classify more specifically.  Mussolini and Mao were both "socialists," and all the various factions within the Soviet Union who were exterminated in purges were "socialist."  Russia on the verge of the Bolshevik junta of the government that overthrew the tsars had half a dozen versions of socialism. Within democracies in the last century, it was common to have many different "socialist" parties competing for power.  The French Chamber of Deputies, for example, had no fewer than three different "Socialist" parties, not counting the "Communist Party" or the "Radical Left" or "Independent Left" or "Democratic Left," each of which also had parties in the Chamber of Deputies. So which particular manifestation of that broad group of self-identified...(Read Full Article)