Are Mideast Muslims Dying for a Myth?

Given the way the Mideast is headed, things are so unpredictable that this present Jerusalem flare-up could run the gamut from burning itself out in a few days to inciting a war against Israel, eventually bringing in Iran, the Muslim world, and then the whole world.  The Arabs claim it is an Intifada, the Arabic word for resistance – but what is enormously troubling is the fallacy behind it.  Fueling much of this Arab fury is a renewed Jewish presence on the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.  Over the past two years, Jews have started to gather outside al-Aqsa, and the Muslims see it as a land grab.  Jews see it as reasserting their rights to worship on their sacred Temple area. Even secular Israeli Jews have questioned whether these Jews should be allowed on the formerly Jew-free area.  It only stirs up the Arabs. Islam claims that, during his lifetime, Mohammed took a night journey on a flying steed, called al Buraq, to Jerusalem to the Farthest...(Read Full Article)