We Heard 'Very Clearly' What Carly Said

Sitting in for Bill O'Reilly, Eric Bolling made the point that Hillary Clinton is using gender in her campaign and Carly Fiorina is not.  Um, back up, Eric.  The question is not if Hillary or Carly uses her gender – they both do.  The question is how they use it.  Much like her private servers and missing emails, Hillary doesn't try to hide her "anything to win" survival mentality.  The surprising part is that it never seems to hurt her. Hillary moved to New York in September, 1999.  She'd decided she was ready for primetime and set her sights on the N.Y. open Senate seat.  She figured that with her name recognition, a devoted press talking her up 24/7, and all the cash she'd wrung out of Bill's donors, she'd be a shoo-in.  But it didn't go down that way.  Even with her advantages, Hillary found herself trailing the lesser known Rick Lazio in the polls.  Their first debate didn't...(Read Full Article)