Victimology, African Americans, and Islam

Language is a swinging door, especially English, where words come and go with abandon. “Blacklash” is one of those words. When the drama index is highest, euphemisms and neologisms abound. Domestic and international angst literally produces both kinetic and rhetorical battles. Short of civil or general war, rhetorical or ideological struggles are definitive. At the moment, two notorious wars of words come to mind; the American “Black Lives Matter” (aka BLM) complaint domestically and the quarrels at home and abroad about terror, violence, and Islamic culture. While the goals may vary, these rhetorical conflicts have much in common.  Black America and Islam are united by grievance, the perception, in both cases, that the plaintiffs are victims; preyed upon or handicapped by race, religion, politics, oppression, bigotry, history, or all of the above. Indeed, in both cases, general and sweeping indictments of “majority” cultures are used to...(Read Full Article)