US Foreign Policy Should Change

All reasonable people are troubled by the continuing tragic migration crisis in Europe and the apparent suffering of so many thousands of people.  The drip has become a flood.  The United States and European countries have a moral obligation to help, after proper vetting, individuals validly seeking asylum or rescue.  At the same time, while being compassionate, it would be irresponsible to aid inordinate numbers of individuals in this mass influx. Not all the truth is out about the large numbers in this disastrous crisis, nor is there any consensus on how to cope with it.  Yet enough is known to realize that the flood is not only a humanitarian disaster, but also a startling reminder of the failure of U.S. and European foreign policy in the Middle East.  Well-intentioned words and actions should not serve to veil the facts that require an American response. The European Union is haltingly prepared, if in a disorganized and controversial way, to welcome...(Read Full Article)