The Tyranny of Consensus

Never mind that climate change is the single most complex scientific question of human history.  Human nature has managed to morph politics and science together into a repulsive, philosophic monstrosity -- half science and half religion -- specifically designed to reduce multifaceted, chaos-based theory and its inherent, profound complexity to absurdly simple computer modeled abstractions.  This was accomplished for a reason, of course: specifically so that billions of dollars in global taxes may be levied at the point of a gun against the specter of anthropogenic climate change.  It was carefully planned that way from the outset, and it was successfully leveraged upon a single event embedded within Western thought:  the undetected collapse of the most fundamental understanding of the philosophy of science itself.  This is not a complaint against anthropogenic climate change -- for the jury is certainly still out on that question.  But there is a...(Read Full Article)