The Media and Criminal Justice

For over a year now I have watched as the media has regularly criticized law enforcement officers, inaccurately portraying officers as “racist”, “overzealous”, and “poorly trained”, just to name a few. On the national level, we saw the media, without knowing all of the facts, persecute Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. Fortunately, the entire truth was revealed and Officer Wilson was ruled to have acted within the law.  But has anyone stopped to ask: where would we be today if Officer Wilson had been portrayed as a hero from the beginning?  Ever since the Ferguson incident, we have seen at least seven officers murdered simply because they were officers. Sure, Officer Wilson was portrayed much more favorably after all of the facts were revealed. But by that point, the damage was done -- not only to Officer Wilson, but to all of law enforcement.    On a smaller level, I recently watched the media...(Read Full Article)