The Age of the No-Information Voter

Those who, like this writer, have been decrying the advent of the so-called low-information voter need to prepare – or should that be, steel – themselves for the new kid on the block: the no-information voter. “Sundance,” writing for the Conservative Treehouse blog, adduces a recent Gallup Poll showing Donald Trump enjoying a significant lead in favorability over all of the other GOP candidates: One should not confuse favorability with preference or electability, either in the primaries or in the election, where the polls are much closer, with, for example, Trump leading Ben Carson by just 4 points, 29%-25%, in Florida.  Trump’s lead over Carson is greater in Georgia, 34%-25%.  But a nine-point gap is hardly insurmountable, especially considering that Trump enjoyed a 22-point lead over Carson only one month ago.  And note the linked-to Georgia article’s headline (emphasis added): “Trump, Clinton still in lead in...(Read Full Article)