Piece of String Creates Hate Crime Panic

When the black studies student saw a piece of string in a tree, she did what any self-respecting black studies student would do: shriek racism. The string looked like rope. And rope means lynching. And that meant within a few minutes of this Tuesday night discovery on the campus of the University of Delaware, the entire university community from the acting president on down was in a full hate-crime panic. The campus cops started posting on Facebook and Twitter about “racist displays.” Ditto the acting president, who condemned the “despicable” act. Ditto the black students and their campus allies, who were convinced the string was some kind of reaction to a recent Black Lives Matter protest against Katie Pavlich, a Town Hall columnist who called BLM a terrorist hate group and who spoke on campus the night before. By the time the sun came up, media throughout the state was buzzing with speculation about the white racists harassing black students on...(Read Full Article)