Pending Race War? We Need a Hero

Years ago at my local Republican Club meeting, a black brother approached me about starting a black Republican club. I thought, why is that necessary? I want the same things as the white members in our club. Please don't get me wrong folks. I realize that there are women, black and Hispanic Republican clubs. Fine. I am not criticizing them. And perhaps, separate groups are necessary to deal with specific issues. I guess what I have a problem with is dividing Americans into groups. In the case of the Democrats, they divide Americans into supposed “victimized” groups. Disgusting. Imagine Lt. Uhura starting a black crew members of the Starship Enterprise group. Or, Mr Sulu starting an Asian gay pride group. It just wouldn't feel right. Crew members would wonder why their sister Uhura and brother Sulu felt a need to separate from them. Racial polarization and tensions are frighteningly high. I long for politicians who talk to us as Americans; appealing to our...(Read Full Article)